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A Guide To Enhancing Social Value In Your Organization - Men and woman smiling and talking at desk in modern tech company
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A guide to enhancing social value in your organization

Discover how your organization's decisions impact people's lives through the lens of social value.

Social value measures your organization's impact on society

Explore the alignment of organizational culture with social value and learn how to measure and enhance it.

  • Understand how organizational purpose is changing.

  • Discover the commercial importance of social value and related global trends.

  • Explore an overview of the 'Social Value – Understanding and Enhancing' standard (BS 8950).

  • Identify challenges and guidance for integrating social value principles into your organization.


  • Andrea Westall, Committee Member, BSI

  • Jeremy Nicholls, Non-Executive Director, Social Value UK

  • Christina Allen, Standards Development Manager, Sustainability, BSI

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