Supply Chain Risk Quiz

Virtually everyone touches a supply chain in one way or another.  See how well you rate in understanding yours. Try our short quiz and get an immediate rating of your supply chain risk level.

How many suppliers do you have?
Do you know who your Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers are?
Do you keep living profiles of all of your suppliers?
Do you regularly conduct risk assessments of all your suppliers?
Have you physically visited all of your suppliers?
Have you made improvements to your supplier procedures and processes in the last year?
Does your supply chain adhere to your corporate values?
How confident are you in telling your supply chain story? (where and what the risks are, and how to manage those)

Our Supply Chain Solutions experts will evaluate your responses and provide you with a rating. 

* Quiz results may not reflect an accurate assessment and should not be used to diagnose any solution without first contacting a BSI representative.