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ISO 19650 – Managing Information with Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Information management supports better decision making across the life cycle of the assets which constitute the built environment.

With a common approach to information management, organizations can reduce errors as well as improvements in cost, value and carbon performance.

As an international standard, conforming to ISO 19650 ensures you and your stakeholders, regardless of where they operate, can collaborate and benefit from consistent information management processes.

Standardize your approach to generating and classifying data, data security, and data exchange  by conforming to ISO 19650.  The suite of international standards encompasses concepts and principles (ISO 19650-1), asset delivery phase (ISO 19650-2), asset operational phase (ISO 19650-3), information exchange (ISO 19650-4) and security (ISO 19650-5).

ISO 19650 forms part of the UK BIM Framework, the overarching approach to implementing BIM in the UK. Conforming to ISO 19650 means that you are aligned to the UK information management mandate.

Realize the benefits of globally consistent information management

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    Reduced errors and improved predictability through the application of globally agreed good practice.

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    Improved collaboration with project stakeholders via a shared approach to information management.

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    Access to new domestic and international markets, where conformance to ISO 19650 is a requirement.

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An agent for positive change in the built environment sector

Whether you’re new to information management or looking to better conform to ISO 19650, we can help you through your journey.

We can help you understand, prepare for, and successfully conform to ISO 19650.  We're continuing to support the built environment as it looks to undergo a digital transformation to realize data-driven decision making and systems thinking.

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