How BSI can help your small business

BSI means different things to different people. Depending on their interaction, experience and knowledge of the company, there are a few different definitions and perceptions that I have come across within my role as Online Customer Engagement Executive.
Some people know BSI as the UK’s notified body for standards, others refer to us as the business standards company, whilst most think of our certification and product testing services, including the Kitemark™. There is often a misconception that we only work with large organisations with high turnover and global presence. However this just simply isn’t the case.

How do we help small businesses specifically?

Within BSI we have dedicated a specialist team of experts for small businesses to help equip you to become more resilient, robust and successful. This includes talking you through how a standard can be implemented within your business, discussing beneficial training courses and ultimately finding the right solution for your company. It certainly isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ mantra at BSI, we know each business is unique in its own right and we shape our solutions around that.


“It’s rewarding working with smaller businesses because you’re able to get more involved at all levels of the business and really get to feel like part of their team”

Catherine Williams, Client Manager, EMS Specialist

Another way we can help you embed standards is via our Associate Consultant Programme (ACP). This network of independent consultants can provide advice and guidance from implementation to certification based on industry best practice. They can help with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, BS OHAS 18001 and many more. To find consultants in your region please get in touch


What we do

As well as helping create, shape, build and sell standards we offer one of the widest ranges of standards-related training courses available, from understanding medical devices regulations to managing your energy effectively.  Whether you need products testing, standards implementing or staff knowledge refreshing, we can mould our solutions to fit your needs, regardless of business size. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to support your business growth now and in the future.

With ISO 9001 being applicable to any organisation of any size, you can imagine how varied our client base is. We have small companies keen to certify to ISO 27001 to keep customers data secure, to larger companies ready to reduce their impact on the environment by gaining ISO 14001 certification.


A helping hand for growing businesses

Implementing a management system can be a daunting process, but the benefits for SME’s speak for themselves.


71% of clients acquired new customers and retained existing clients 75% of clients said it helped attract new customers
75% of clients boosted their operational performance 66% say ISO 14001 reduces operating costs


75% of clients boosted their operational performance with ISO 9001 in place whilst

71% of clients acquired new customers and retained existing clients

With ISO 14001 certification in place 75% of clients said it helped them attract new clients and 66% said it helped reduce operational costs.

Our clients, Sheds Grounds Maintenance shared their thoughts about gaining certification with BSI.


“As a small business that’s growing fast, we often find ourselves pitching against larger competitors. To have any chance of succeeding, we need systems and processes that are as good, if not better, than theirs. Our BSI management systems are part of our DNA – and that’s the key.

Achieving ISO 9001 has brought huge value to us and it definitely helps us pitch our business. Now, when we sit in front of clients and tell them we’re ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified by BSI, their eyebrows go up! Many other growing businesses could reap the same rewards from the support we have from BSI.”

Peter Botham, Managing Director, Shed Grounds Maintenance Ltd.

Whether you are brand new to certification or familiar with standards and the assessment processes, our UK-based team of specialists will guide and support you every step of the way.

Speak to our small business team today on 0333 920 3566

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Author: Sarah Bygrave

Online Customer Engagement Executive