4 reasons to undertake your readiness review now

At the Cardiff transition seminar in June it became apparent that many organizations still haven’t started the process to transition to the new ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Richard Shumack, Service Delivery Manager helped the audience understand both the benefits of getting started sooner rather than later and the process for BSI clients.


So why start now?  Completing the initial stages of the transition process will;

  • Provide awareness of areas to focus on and help you develop an appropriate transition plan
  • Give BSI visibility of the action you need to take in order to transition and enable us to support you in transitioning within your scheduled assessment visits
  • Increase your opportunity to complete the transition ahead of the deadline
  • Mitigate the risk of incurring additional costs should you not be able to transition within your scheduled assessments


How do BSI clients get started?
“Clients need to speak to their assessor to get a readiness review assessment booked as soon as possible. This is the first step of the transition process for BSI clients and confirms the organizations intent to meet the requirements of the standard and as such, it’s readiness to make the transition. A document has to be completed by the client before the assessment takes place. This is then reviewed during the assessment, the length of which varies depending on size and complexity of the organization. For most of our clients, this can actually be done remotely but clients have the option for an onsite visit if they would prefer to have more interaction with the assessor through the process.  A plan is then developed to support clients in completing the transition through their scheduled assessment programme. 

We’ve had great feedback from clients who have been through their readiness review assessment. Completing the document has helped to highlight how much they have completed and the areas they need to focus on. It enables us as assessors to build a transition plan around the needs of their individual organization.”

- Richard Shumack, Service Delivery Manager


Helping clients understand
One seminar delegate in Cardiff mentioned that their organization has been encouraged have their readiness review later this year and asked why it had to be done so soon. It transpired that the client has only 2 remaining visits before the September 2018 deadline and therefore could risk incurring additional costs if they are unable to complete the transition assessment during those visits. 

If you haven’t yet seen our client videos, then take some time to hear Neil Pike from Overbury talking about the value he got from the readiness review process and why it’s important to get started now.

Read how Overbury made the transition (PDF)

Watch our 'ISO revisions - Top tips for your transition' video

To book in your readiness review talk to your client manager or the office team on +44 345 080 9000.