Aerospace Problem Solving: Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action training course

Problem solving techniques such as the application of the 8D approach are increasingly being mandated in the aerospace supply chain.

The course commences by laying a foundation for the need to adopt appropriate problem solving techniques, in an industry that has safety as its primary concern. Specific industry requirements for root cause analysis and corrective action are highlighted, with input from AS/EN9100:2016 (rev:D), AS13000:2014, AS9101 Rev;F, EU Regulation 376/2014, CAA CAP382 along with a variety of other sources including prime contractors.

The course then focuses on developing an understanding and provision of practical examples and workshops in the use of 8D methodology and other techniques including: Ishikawa and 5 Why. 

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in problem solving processes e.g.: Material review boards, non-conformance disposition, customer returns management, supplier reject controls, in-house defect management etc.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course, however it will help if you have experience in working within an aviation, space or defence quality management systems environment.

What will I learn?

This course will help you:

  • Explain the importance of appropriate root cause analysis and corrective action
  • Recognize industry typical expectations for responding to problems
  • Determine the objective of each step of the 8 Disciplines methodology as defined in AS13000:2014
  • Identify and select other problem solving tools to facilitate such investigations
  • Become an effective member of a root cause analysis and corrective action team
  • Select appropriate problem solving tools based on the scale and nature of problems experienced within your organization
  • Apply the steps of the 8 Disciplines methodology in an appropriate manner to facilitate problem solving activities within your organization

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Become more aware of the importance of problem solving techniques in ASD environments and learn how to determine the appropriate level of response to any particular scenario
  • Learn how to use problem solving tools (e.g.: 8D) that are common across the industry
  • Experience some of the challenges in getting to the true root cause of any problem and the hurdles in implementing appropriate corrective actions

What's included?

  • Detailed course notes
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • On completion, you’ll be awarded a BSI certificate for successful course completion 


In-house training

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Course resources

Download course guide (PDF).