How disabled people influence standards

We have different needs for the way in which we use products and access services and we need to consider this while developing standards. 

The BSI Accessibility Coordination group makes that happen. It includes accessibility and inclusion experts.

The BSI Accessibility Coordination Group exists to provide strategic guidance to BSI on policies and standardization activities relating to accessibility.  It is a reporting point for any committees working on accessibility and also helps to ensure a consistent approach to accessibility considerations in standards development.  It provides a regular opportunity for those with a significant involvement with the subject to learn about, discuss and inform standards-related projects.

"There's no doubt that implementing standards has enabled more people with disabilities to enjoy their match day experience. What we’ve found is that when there are good facilities, people will come". Phil Downs, Manchester United's disability liaison officer (DLO) and chairman of the National Association of Disabled Supporters (NADS).