How consumers can influence standards

It's essential that consumers have a say in standards – whether commenting on them or actively helping to create them. You can do this simply by sharing your thoughts or by joining the network that speaks up for consumers.

Suggest a new standard

If you have an idea for a new standard, we want to hear about it. It could be that you’ve spotted how a new type of product or service could benefit from being standardized.

Whatever it might be, if you have an idea for where a new standard could be useful, please let us know.

Comment on an existing standard

Standards can get out of date in some areas. If you have a concern about an existing standard – for example, you’ve seen new technology being used but the relevant standard doesn’t address it – then please tell us.

Comment on a draft standard

When new standards are being produced, they go through a rigorous process led by experts. Once a draft version of the standard has been agreed, comments are needed from the public to make suggestions for improvements or point out any missing issues. That could be you.

Join the network that represents consumer views

The Consumer & Public Interest Network (CPIN) is there to make sure that new and existing standards address key consumer issues. It includes representatives of consumer and public interest organizations as well as a large team of individual volunteers who represent the consumer point of view on standards-making committees.

Join the group that helps to ensure BSI’s standards reflect accessibility needs

Many standards impact the ease of use of products and the way in which we access services. This is why it is important that we consider accessibility issues when standards are being created. That’s the job of BSI’s Accessibility Coordination group. If you have expertise in accessibility and inclusion, why not join the group?