Get involved as a Consumer Representative

Do you have views on where products and services let people down? Could you help us make products and services work better for consumers? Become one of our consumer representatives or co-ordinators and play a key role in shaping new standards.

Standards help organizations deliver better, easier to use and safer products, services and process. But when standards are being created, someone needs to put the consumers’ point of view – to speak up for the people who will end up using those products, services and processes.

At BSI, CPIN members are trained volunteer consumers representatives.

Consumer Reps carry out a number of different tasks: 

  • They represent the consumer voice on committees, working on new standards. These committees are mostly made up of industry experts, so the Consumer expert offers a different and important viewpoint
  • They work together with other CPIN members and representatives of other consumer groups, to build understanding of consumer needs, for example exploring any weaknesses of a particular service
  • They represent consumers as part of a UK delegation or as an expert in the development of European or international standards CPIN members are not paid, but do have their expenses covered. Most of all they get the satisfaction of helping shape tomorrow’s products and services.

We’re always happy to hear from people interested in joining the CPIN, particularly those who have relevant experience and knowledge of our priority areas: Children’s interests, inclusivity (including accessibility), digital (including) privacy-security, services (including healthcare services), sustainability, and wellbeing (product safety and behavioural risk), have experience in advocacy and representation, and most important, a strong motivation to speak up in the interest of consumers.

The work of CPIN is led by a steering group comprised of group of Consumer Co-ordinators and led by the CPIN Chair. The co-ordinators work closely with CPIN representatives, as well as liaising with BSI staff, establishing priorities and then helping steer the work to be most effective. CPIN co-ordinators receive travel expenses and a small honorarium in recognition of their increased responsibilities.

Specific vacancies for co-ordinators are advertised on this website.