BSI Recognition for Committee Members

Committee Member Logo

Committee Member Logo

All BSI Committee Members are given rights to use the BSI committee member logo to promote the involvement in standards-making. The logo can be used on individual’s e-mail signature block, business cards, headed paper, etc.

Committee Member Label Badge

Committee Member Lapel Badge

All BSI committee members are also given a special lapel badge as a token of recognition for their service to standards-making. For new committee members, these are included in the welcome pack. If you are a committee member and you have not received a badge, please e-mail with you mailing address and we will post one to you.

BSI Distinguished Service Certificates

Cerificate Presentation

In addition to the BSI Standards Awards, BSI also recognizes the contributions of committee members through our Distinguished Service Certificates. These certificates recognize significant/ important contributions to standards-making by individual committee members. Committee members and BSI staff can make nominations. The certificates are presented to recipients at committee meetings.

BSI Standards Awards

BS Standards Awards presentation

The BSI Standards Awards are the highest form of accolade for our committee members. These awards recognize outstanding contributions to standards-making by individual committee members in five different categories. The highest accolade of all for an individual is the Wolfe Barry Medal. There is also a BSI Standards Award to recognize an outstanding contribution to standards-making by an organization. Committee members and BSI staff can make nominations. The awards are presented at a special awards ceremony in London attended by 250 people from across all regions and sectors in the UK.