Networking and Personal Impact

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19 Sep 2017 - Available 

Course format: 
Interactive exercises, practical tips and proven techniques

Course description

How often do you feel that you need to demonstrate more personal impact and gravitas when working with others? Building and maintaining understanding, mutual trust and meaningful cooperation with a complex variety of people and situations now requires high levels of confidence, style flexibility and interpersonal awareness. This programme helps you to identify and cultivate relationships with colleagues, contacts and networks, both formal and informal. The key to achieving results is to develop the skills that enable you to promote and sustain your position whilst gaining the support and goodwill of others.

Course objectives

  • Leverage your personal style and image by developing more impact when forming and building a vibrant working environment with others
  • Have more presence, enabling you to be positive and an effective practitioner
  • Become more open and sensitive to others’ needs by adjusting your style to cues from others, thus enhancing closer rapport
  • Build support of others for your purpose, goals and strategy
  • Cultivate networks with people across a variety of functions and locations
  • Strengthen your networks in order to  achieve cooperation, collaboration and general agreement
  • Become more influential and respected in your field