British Standards: A Guide for New Committee Members

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7  Feb 2017 - Fully subscribed
23 Feb 2017 - Fully subscribed 
9  Mar 2017 - Available 
31 Mar 2017 - Fully subscribed 

Course format: 
Presentations from BSI staff

Course description

If you’ve recently been appointed to a BSI committee, this course has been designed with you in mind. The purpose is to tell you what you need to know about how British national standards are created, and how BSI as a National Standards Body represents the interests of the UK in European and international standardization. This overview is given using a variety of different methods during the day – presentations, written information, group exercises: and BSI staff are on hand so your questions are encouraged!          

Course objectives

  • A brief history of standardization
  • Explaining BS 0 – the standard for standards
  • Actions to take and things to be aware of when you join a BSI committee for the first time as a member
  • How a national standard is developed – and how it differs in Europe and internationally
  • Introducing the key BSI departments that can help you with your responsibilities
  • An overview of the IT systems that support committee works