Awareness of Environmental Aspects in Standardization

Course details

28 Mar 2017 - Available

Course format:  
Interactive, discussion with practical application

Course description

This one day, interactive class explores the growing need to address environmental considerations during the development or revision of standards. The programme is split into three sections which cover:

  • environment thinking
  • exploring the value of addressing environmental aspects through standardization
  • looking at and applying toold and sources information, help and support for addressing environmental aspects in standards making ativities including
    - case studies and example of best practice
    - online tools and templates
    - the opportunity to secure individual support for your specific committee

Course objectives

  • Identify why it is both neccessary and desirable to address the environmental aspects of products or services in standardization
  • Considerhow it can be achieved by 
    - looking at the basic tools that can help
    - identify sources of information and support