You and Your EQ

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18 Apr 2017 - Available

Course format: 
Presentation, discussion and practical advice, activities

Course description

Emotional Intelligence – and your Emotional Quotient (EQ) – is now recognized as a key factor influencing our success, both in the workplace and beyond. It’s all about paying attention to the impact we make on those around us.
When we work in an emotionally intelligent way, we consider how our emotions and feelings are contributing to our behaviours and try to regulate those that are perceived as disruptive or inhibiting. We also recognize the need to truly engage with those around us – inspiring others to be their best selves. This course will explore how that is done, building your understanding of how to motivate yourself, manage relationship pressure points and inspire others such as your colleagues on your Technical Committee.
You’ll leave the day being able to demonstrate an understanding of the key competencies of this subject and, with improved self-awareness, better understand your personal behavioural footprint. You’ll understand how a higher EQ can contribute to successful collaborative working, and how to use what you’ve learned in challenging aspects of your committee work. 

Course objectives

  • Understanding the key competencies of Emotional Intelligence, bringing the concept to life
  • Recognising strong EQ behaviours around you – those who’ve got it, those who haven’t
  • Exploring the link between your Emotional Intelligence and your ability to navigate real-life situations
  • Measuring your own EQ – how could you improve it?
  • Developing a commitment to self-awareness, especially around blind spots
  • Identifying your disruptive and unhelpful behaviours
  • Transforming unhelpful to helpful – becoming your best self
  • Employing your EQ to support those you collaborate with, especially other committee members
  • Creating an action plan of issues and challenges you’d like to change