Working Across Cultures

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24 Oct 2017 - Available

Course format: 
Interactive discussion and practise exercises

Course description

If are selected by your colleagues to represent the UK view on a European or international committee, you’ll be travelling to other countries and meeting representatives from National Standards Bodies from across the world. Being able to work effectively across boundaries between countries, cultures and business cultures is a vital skill for contributing to global standardization. Working Across Cultures helps you develop an understanding of the impact of culture and cultural differences on international business, and to build practical cross-cultural communication, work and negotiation skills. The session includes real-life case studies and offers opportunities for hands-on practise.

Course objectives

  • What is culture? A framework for understanding the impact of hidden values on the way we work and communicate.
  • The impact of culture in the global work environment.
  • Hidden cultural assumptions about business and why they can cause problems.
  • The impact of cultural differences on leadership, communication and work practices, relationship-building, teams and team-working, decision-making and conflict-resolution.
  • Cross-cultural management ‘competence’ and what it looks like in practice.
  • Best practices for effective cross-cultural communication and conflict-resolution.
  • Using ‘off-shore’ English.
  • Being persuasive and influential in international meetings, negotiations and presentations.
  • Best practices for leading, managing and participating in international and virtual teams.
  • Building sustainable global relationships.