Getting Results Through Relationships

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7 Jun 2017 - Available

Course format: 
Presentation, discussion and practical advice, activities

Course description

Success in all aspects of your professional life requires a diverse set of skills, some of which feel more natural and instinctive than others. We all work with different groups of people and few of us are lucky enough to have roles where we can use the same approach with everyone.
You’ll probably have customers and managers and perhaps even direct reports to manage. You’ll also have a network of contacts with whom you’ll need to maintain good relationships, including other volunteers who sit on the same Technical Committee as yourself. In this session, we’ll explore how you can get the best out of all these relationships, through a combination of coaching, delegation and feedback and the all-important ‘Psychological Contract’, which influences every working partnership. We will also explore how to build momentum and motivation with others in a way that really drives performance for all.
This workshop will give you a fireproof set of skills that will provide you with a thorough grounding in today’s business environment – whichever role you are playing in it.

Course objectives

Exploring your own style and the implications of such a style

  • Adapting your style to the different work preferences of those around you
  • Appreciating difference, avoiding the mini-me syndrome
  • Investing in the building of the Psychological Contract
  • Briefing out work to others: the art of effective delegation
  • Coaching skills that support delegation
  • Letting go, stepping back, giving others room to stretch
  • Developing a feedback culture – learning to give feedback that motivates and builds performance
  • Improving your feedback skills, developing your interpersonal and communication skills