Excellent Habits

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20 Mar 2017 - Available

Course format: 
Tips, advice and discussion

Course description

Do you sometimes wish there was an extra hour in the day? We used to as well, but then we realized we’d only want another hour on top of that. The only solution was to use the time we already had effectively. Keeping up with your BSI committee responsibilities together with all your other commitments might always be a challenge, but this course will help you plan your day to get the most out of every minute, avoiding time-wasters and organizing your resources effectively.

Course objectives

Helps members involved in international standardization:

  • Identify and eliminate obstacles to getting things done
  • Adopt practical tips to get the most of your time
  • Use speed-reading techniques to save time reading your committee documentation
  • Take control of your email account
  • Organize your hard copy and electronic files effectively
  • Develop and maintain productive working practices