Dealing With Difficult People

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11 Jul 2017 - Available

Course format:
Presentation, practical exercises, toolkit

Course description

Difficult relationships and situations often arise when there is a disparity in communication style. This can lead to fractured relationships, negative feelings and give rise to toxicity. By understanding our own communication style and reactions to the communication style of others we can develop strategies to manage relationships and push through difficult situations to gain effective results. This highly practical session explores the key sources of conflict and what happens when other people press your buttons and cause problems. We’ll send you away with a toolkit of different strategies, equipping you to neutralize the fallout from difficult personalities and challenging behaviour and ensure that difficult situations don’t hold you back.

Course objectives

  • Exploring the five sources of conflict – intention, incompetence, insensitivity, intrusion and inevitability
  • Navigating difficult interactions: the role for Emotional Intelligence
  • Driving greater self-awareness: what impact does my preference have on those around me
  • Understanding responses to confrontation and conflict – the instinctive response and the considered response
  • Acting with conviction without railroading
  • Listening, questioning, empathizing, reframing – the key skills of the toxin handler
  • Defusing aggression and building rapport, the role for verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Avoiding fixed and antagonistic positions
  • How to stay ''on message''
  • The importance of building relationship credit