How to get involved with standards

BSI actively seeks to bring together all those with significant interest in particular projects.

Representations are sought from many spheres including: consumer organizations; professional institutions; certification, testing and inspection bodies; educational establishments; research organizations; UK notified bodies; enforcement bodies and government departments.

BSI also works with trade associations or equivalent organizations as a means of representing most standards users in business. This enables a wide measure of consultation and support in standards work.

All participation is on a voluntary basis, and there are a number of different ways that you can be involved in helping to develop standards:

To see a list of committees, visit our Standards Development website where you can browse by sector or industry, or by key word search.

Stakeholder forums

We run a number of stakeholder forums throughout the year, which aim to gather the thoughts and opinions on the need to develop new standards. These forums are open to anyone with an interest or knowledge in the subject matter and are free to attend.

Draft Review System

BSI's Draft Review System allows you to comment on draft national and selected international standards, and PASs via an easy-to-use website. You can read the full draft and leave comments and suggestions about its content which may be used to help shape the final standard.

Our Draft Review System will soon be replaced by the new Standards Development Portal

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