Idea submission rules, terms and conditions

Qualifications for review
You agree to Idea Submission Terms & Conditions.
Examples of ideas and suggestions that will not be considered are:
1. Confidential information of any type
2. Product names, slogans or logos
3. Business methods or ways of conducting our business.

Please do not submit confidential information. BSI will not keep your idea confidential, as your idea will be copied and distributed to the relevant people at BSI for evaluation. We do not wish to make your idea public, but there are a large number of BSI specialists that may review the idea, and it may be discussed with individuals outside of BSI. If you would like to keep your materials confidential, do NOT send them to us. WE WILL NOT REVIEW CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.
Please note that if you have preliminary discussions with BSI employees or specialists, they are not authorized to accept information on a confidential or restricted basis. You are free to submit your idea to other companies without informing us, however, we request that you do not disclose that BSI is considering your idea.

BSI obligations
BSI agrees to review your idea when properly submitted via the Idea Submission Process. We have no obligation to use your idea.
In return for your acceptance of the Idea Submission Terms & Conditions, BSI offers a non-confidential, preliminary evaluation of your submitted materials. Following the preliminary evaluation, if we are interested in pursuing your project, you will be notified per our process. At that time, we may be able to discuss additional terms.

BSI does not act in a consulting capacity. We are not obligated to provide you with an explanation for any decision BSI reaches. This applies to the original disclosure as well as to anything you later disclose, orally or in writing. We assume no obligation to tell you something we already knew or have discovered since you submitted your idea.

You must own the idea you are submitting. You cannot submit the idea of another person or party. The idea must be the original creation of the individual who signs the disclosure form and the signor must have the exclusive right to submit the idea to BSI. Further, the signor must have the legal right to negotiate the idea with us and the power and authority to grant any and all rights in the material. This does not mean that you are granting any rights under a patent, which you already have or may obtain in the future, during this preliminary review.

Often, employers will require an employee to sign an employment contract. Some conditions of this contract may be that BSI will own ideas related to their business. Please determine whether your employer owns the idea prior to your submission. BSI does not wish to receive ideas that are in violation of an agreement or understanding with another party, such as your current or former employer.

You must be at least 18 years old.

Idea submission terms and conditions

1. I understand and agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions when I submit my idea to BSI or its affiliates or subsidiaries (herein collectively referred to as "BSI").
2. I agree to follow the "Idea Submission Rules", above.
3. I am at least 18 years old.
4. I am the owner of the idea I am submitting to BSI.
5. The information I am submitting to BSI is true and correct.
6. I am not violating any agreement or understanding I have with another party, including my current or former employer.
7. I am aware that under the laws of England and Wales and most foreign countries, I may be able to protect my idea through application for patents, trademarks, copyrights or maintain my idea as a trade secret by protecting it from non-confidential disclosure.
8. I am giving up all copyright and other intellectual property right claims (other than patent and trademark claims) I may have against BSI for copying, disclosing, evaluating or otherwise using my idea.
9. BSI is under no obligation to use my idea or to hold it in confidence.
10. I will not be compensated for ideas developed by BSI independent of the idea I submit to BSI.
11. I am only including ONE IDEA PER SUBMISSION
12. I understand and agree to be bound to the above terms and conditions when I submit my idea to BSI or its affiliates or subsidiaries (herein collectively referred to as "BSI").