Find out about the CEN & CENELEC System Effectiveness and Efficiency Review (STEER)


On Monday, 9 May 2016 BSI hosted a live interactive webinar in order to provide information and seek feedback on proposals to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the European Standardization System.

As a joint CEN & CENELEC initiative, the System Effectiveness and Efficiency Review (STEER) has concentrated on improvements aimed at achieving the following major objectives:

Stakeholder relationships: 

  • Establishing effective new relationships with industry and with the European Commission;
  • Improving direct links with industry at both the technical policy and strategic policy level; and


  • Reducing duplication of resources and activity and to enhance coordination at all levels and for all stakeholders within the System.

Background to the project and the proposals that are currently under consideration can be found here

The webinar was presented by Dr Scott Steedman, Director of Standards, BSI and Vice-President Policy for CEN and provided information on the proposals and gave stakeholders the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback on the proposals.

A recording of the webinar highlights can be viewed below, where you will hopefully find the answers to any questions that you may have.

View webinar highlights