European standardization regulation

European Union Regulation 1025/2012 on European standardization, which has replaced the standardization parts of Directive 98/34/EC, places requirements on BSI as a National Standards Body of an EU Member State. These requirements concern transparency of processes, facilitation of participation of relevant stakeholders and reporting.

BSI makes available draft and published national standards to other NSBs, European Standardization Organizations and the European Commission on request and allows other NSBs to take part in BSI’s standards development work.

BSI publishes its annual work programme as defined in Regulation 1025/2012. This contains information on the national standards that are in development or have been published during the reporting period. It does not include identical or equivalent transpositions of international or European standards but does contain the references of ISO and IEC (international) standards used as a basis for national projects. Download the 2019 work programme.

BSI is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses to get more involved in standards development and to gain the greatest possible benefits from the use of standards. See our SME page for more information.
BSI reports annually on the work that has been done to facilitate SME involvement in standardization and the access to standards. Download the BSI and SMEs 2019 report.