Mike Roberts - Leadership Award

Leadership Award is given to Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts (left) receives his award from Shirley Bailey-Wood, Director of Publishing, BSI

Mike Roberts

Nominated by: Chris Cox, retired, TS/1; (also member of CAS/1; QS/1; HCS/1)

Referee: Delyth Prys, TS/1 

The TS/1 committee on Terminology provides the UK input to ISO/TC37 and also the preparation, revision and amendment of British Standards for Terminology. Mike Roberts has been chairman of TS/1 since 2001. His aim has been to ensure that BSI has always been represented in and a key contributor to key TC37 meetings. Since 2001, the scope of TC37 has increased considerably. The challenge of obtaining new recruits to reflect new areas of activity has always been a concern of the chairman, and new members have brought not only new expertise but also added enthusiasm for the work of the committee. Mike has also helped to establish an additional network of contacts by means of external organizations such as the Association for Terminology and Lexicography.

One of Mike Roberts' aims has been to ensure that terminology standards are applied by other committees. With this in mind, he proposed the production of BS 8430:2005, 'Terminology work – Fundamentals made simple'. He has also worked to ensure that the vocabularies produced for the construction sector are of the highest standard, working with teams of subject experts to develop BS 6100, Building and civil engineering – Vocabulary. Mike has continued to be actively involved in new projects as a terminology expert, with PAS 180:2014 Smart cities – Vocabulary the latest to be completed. He is also external secretary to ISO TC59 SC2. As well as drafting vocabularies, this subcommittee has the role of harmonizing terminology within ISO TC59.