Mike Hagger – International Standards Maker

International Standards Maker is awarded to Mike Hagger

Mike Hagger (left) receives his award from Elisabeth Stampf-Blaha, ISO Vice-President (technical management)

Mike Hagger

Nominated by: Mr P M A Smeeth, Secretary General, British Cables Association, L/1

Referees: Dr R P Noyes, GEL/20/16, GEL/112, Dr J Hodge, GEL/20/17, GEL/86/1

Mike Hagger has more than 50 years' experience in the cable industry, latterly as Technical Secretary within the British Cables Association. As a member of many BSI, CENELEC and International Technical Committees, Mike's technical expertise, dedication and exceptional communication skills have been employed to the great benefit of the cable industry over that period. As a member of most of the key cable and cable-related BSI committees, Mike's detailed knowledge, experience and understanding of cable manufacture, technology and test methods has allowed him to play a pivotal role in the writing and development of many essential and sometimes complex cable standards. In 2003 Mike was at the forefront of the 'Core Colour' change (from the old British Standard colours to the new harmonized colours in BS 7671 – the Wiring Regulations) undertaking much of the co-ordination work to ensure a clear message was disseminated to all the UK's stakeholders. His deft liaison with other technical bodies and associations has allowed Mike to co-ordinate much of the cable and cable accessories work within the British Cables Association and in the BSI cables and cable accessories committees. Mike is regarded by his peers as a highly competent expert, one whose depth of knowledge, experience and sound judgement are second to none. After more than 20 years, Mike has recently relinquished his role in the IEC and CENELEC Technical Committees for electric cables, but continues to play an active part in the work on fire safety, and in particular the standards required for the CPR (Construction Product Regulation), which will shortly become mandatory within Europe.