Kit Oung – Emerging Standards Maker

Emerging Standards Maker is awarded to Kit Oung

Kit Oung (left) receives his award from Richard Taylor, Director, Standards Market Development, BSI

Kit Oung

Nominated by: Mr David Hyde, Programme Manager, International Secretariats, BSI, CEN/CLC/JWG1 and ISO/TC 242/WG4

Referee: Prof Martin Fry, SEM/1/1

In December 2011 Kit took on the role of Project Leader for the standards development project, ISO 50002, "Energy audits - Requirements with guidance for use". Since then he has organized four international meetings of ISO/TC 242/WG4 to progress this project. His excellent preparation and openness with the Project Group, allowing all experts to express their views, in combination with quickly capturing the consensus and moving the development process along speedily was very well received by his colleagues. Kit combines a very good understanding of the subject (he has published a book on energy management in business) with very good group leadership skills. The ISO 50002 standard, proposed and led by the UK, was published in July of this year. It's expected to be a high profile global standard. Kit has 15 years' experience in energy auditing, and implements energy reduction projects for blue chip multinational companies including petrochemical, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and large commercial properties across five continents.