Ian Jones – International Standards Maker

International Standards Maker is awarded to Ian Jones

Ian Jones (left) receives his award from Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha, ISO Vice-President (technical management)

Ian Jones

Nominated by: Dr-Eur.Ing Gina Barney, Principal, Gina Barney Associates, MHE/4

Referees: Nick Mellor, Director of LEIA, MHE/4; Alex Carmichael, Chef Engineer, Bureau Veritas, MHE/4

Ian Jones became chairman of MHE/4 in 1998, at a time of highly significant changes in Europe for lifts standards. In 2005 CEN/TC10 decided to completely revise the structure of the EN 81 family of standards. CEN/TC10/WG1 is the primary standards committee for lifts in Europe and was charged with completing the mammoth task of the transition from the 1998 standards BS EN 81-1 and BS EN 81-2 to the new EN 81-20 and EN 81-50. Ian Jones lead this important work, which involved coordinating some 400 experts in numerous task groups and many subcommittees, managing the resolution of over 3,000 comments, and securing a successful unanimous "Yes" vote on the final version. This massive task was only achieved as a result of his leadership. BS EN 81-20 and BS EN 81-50 were published on 6 August 2014. As these new standards were developed, Ian Jones influenced their take up worldwide with China, in particular, adopting the European standards as their own. Many other countries, have followed suit and even the US are starting to move in the European direction. At the same time, Ian Jones has overseen new and revised British Standards through the MHE/4 committee.  He has led MHE/4 to ever higher professional standards, insisting on the highest levels of integrity from its members. This small and energetic committee is now highly regarded in BSI and abroad, with many European standards bodies seeking to model themselves on it. Ian Jones has a demanding job with his employer Otis, and at times the load on him has been immense, but he has persevered, and with the encouragement of his colleagues, has made an outstanding contribution to standards in his industry.