Dr Alessandro Artusi – Emerging Standards Maker

Emerging Standards Maker is awarded to Dr Alessandro Artusi

Dr Alessandro Artusi (left) receives his award from Richard Taylor, Director, Standards Market Development, BSI

Dr Alessandro Artusi

Nominated by: Dr Panos Kudumakis, Research Manager, qMedia, Queen Mary University of London, IST/37

Referees: Ken McCann, IST/37; Kate Grant, IST/37

Dr Alessandro Artusi has been a member of IST/37 – concerned with the coding of picture, audio, multimedia and hypermedia information – for less than two years. In this short time frame he has generously offered his expertise on High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging to ISO/IEC JPEG for the development of the forthcoming standard ISO/IEC JPEG XT for the coding of HDR Still Images. This standard is a scalable and backwards compatible extension of the well-known JPEG coding system. The extensions address the need for coding images with higher bit-precision and coding of radiance images. Dr Alessandro has been involved in all stages of the development of ISO/IEC JPEG XT. He played an instrumental role during the JPEG XT standardization process and through his high level of expertise in the HDR Imaging field has contributed to a constructive discussion and analysis of the various issues related to its development. He is co-editor of key parts of the standard, and he is currently working on drafts for other sections.