BSI announces new partnership with WootCloud

13 October 2021

The Consulting Services team at BSI has announced a new partnership with WootCloud, providers of the HyperContext(r) Device Security Platform, which will equip BSI clients with critical visibility into network operations and security with a focus on providing managed and unmanaged device and infrastructure behavioural context, and intelligent analysis for fine-grained alerting and remediation around indicators of compromise.

By leveraging emerging innovative technology alliances with next-generation platforms like WootCloud, BSI are expanding their service capabilities to support clients globally. With this new partnership, clients can avail of an advanced, award-winning AI/ML platform that provides device identification, classification, and modelling abilities that ensure 100 per cent device visibility, deep context, and automated threat remediation at scale. WootCloud’s HyperContext(r) analyzes threats and implements active responses immediately that help eliminate information security threats.

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Brown, Global Managing Director - Cybersecurity and Information Resilience, Consulting Services at BSI, said: “Partnering with WootCloud, means that we are offering clients greater visibility of all devices trying to access their organization’s network. By using this system, BSI expert consultants are providing our clients with a solution that contextualizes behaviour against baselines and provides accurate threat analysis and remediation. By implementing these solutions, organizations can easily discover gaps in their overall risk posture, act on the opportunity to close those gaps automatically, and tighten security controls around access and microsegmentation as they are identified with the support of our team.”

Amit Srivastav, CEO, WootCloud said: “We’re excited to partner with the team at BSI and we are looking forward to helping the company’s clients get ahead of network operations and security gaps to achieve a holistic security posture. Outside of this core use case, our joint customers will also be able to supercharge their asset management and network segmentation abilities. Today, customers across a wide-range of industry verticals already leverage our HyperContext(r) Platform. Together, BSI and WootCloud will deliver robust solutions that address complex operational and security challenges for BSI clients in light of IoT proliferation, prolonged work from home, and 5G growth.”

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