BSI welcomes UK-Australia Trade Deal

16 December 2021

Scott Steedman, Director-General, Standards at BSI said:

“We welcome the signature of the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement announced by the Secretary of State for International Trade and particularly the emphasis on future collaboration and close cooperation between the UK and Australia on shared challenges.

BSI, as the UK National Standards Body, already works closely with Standards Australia on many areas flagged in the agreement, including digital, data and sustainability.

Standards deliver simpler market access globally through creating a common language between trading partners. International standards are a vital tool for ensuring products and services are interoperable and compatible across borders, removing barriers to trade, reducing production and supply chain costs, building confidence in business services and protecting consumers.

We look forward to working closely with government, industry and consumer interest in the UK and Australia to ensure that consensus standards underpin and foster increased trade and strong relations with Australia.”