Biotechnology standards and regulations roadmap project announced to help reduce CO2 emissions and boost economic performance

26th May 2020

BSI, the business improvement company, in conjunction with Innovate UK, have announced a new project to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions and boost economic performance in the UK’s industrial biotechnology (IB) sector.

The five-month project will build a strategic roadmap for standards and regulations to support the acceleration of innovation amongst IB businesses, whilst maximizing the reduction of CO2. It will be built working closely with industry stakeholders including from the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum (IBLF).

Ben Sheridan, Manufacturing Standards Lead at BSI said: “Working with Innovate UK we have launched a pioneering project which will help the UK to realize the potential of Industrial Biotechnology. The standards and regulations roadmap will help identify where best practice can unlock the growth of employment and economic opportunities across UK industry, as well as mitigating climate change with cleaner manufacturing processes with clear guidelines for the industry”.

Paul Bello, Innovation Lead for Industrial Biotechnology at Innovate UK said: “The playing field for UK plc has changed hugely and now is the time to revisit and reinvest in the UK’s strengths and capabilities, in particular, how we can achieve the government’s NetZero 2050 policy objectives. To this end, Innovate UK together with the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum have commissioned BSI to deliver a roadmap detailing where regulation and standards can stimulate Industrial Biotechnology sector innovation, reap socio-economic benefits and drive a reduction in CO2 emissions through bio-based processes, products and services that displace fossil-derived equivalents”.

For more information on how to get involved with the project, please contact Ben Sheridan at