Public consultation open for the Faraday Battery Challenge standards

30 July 2020 

The public consultation opens for the two standardization documents from the Faraday Battery Challenge Standards programme.

BSI, in its role as the UK National Standards Body, is seeking consultation from experts in the energy and automotive industries for the Faraday Battery Challenge (FBC) Standards programme.

The programme, which is sponsored by Innovate UK and the Faraday Battery Challenge (FBC), aims to advance the production, use and recycling of batteries. Standards and best practice have a key role to play in the FBC and in supporting the growth of the battery industry in the UK and internationally.

The second standard from the programme, PAS 7060, Battery Electric Vehicles – Safe and environmentally-conscious design and use of batteries – Guide, is available for comment from 29 July until 31 August 2020 here:

The new PAS is intended to give guidance for the health, safety and environmental considerations in EV Vehicle design, battery integration in EVs and battery/EV use. The document aims to create efficiencies in the vehicle manufacturing cycle, de-risk batteries in use, optimize re-use and recycling of vehicle batteries and ultimately improve consumer confidence in EVs. 

The third standard from the programme, PAS 7062, Electric vehicle battery cells – Health and safety, environmental and traceability considerations in cell manufacturing and finished cell – Code of Practice, is also available for comment from 29 July until 31 August here:

It is intended to provide recommendations for the quality control, health and safety, fire and environmental performance and traceability in the manufacture of battery cells for EVs. This PAS is intended to establish common understanding and approach to EV battery cell manufacture and use.

The PASs are being produced by a steering group made-up of representatives from organizations in the UK energy eco-system, including environment, health, safety, energy and technology professionals, including battery cell, pack and module manufacturers.