BSI secures notified body status in the Netherlands for Construction Product Regulations

05 February 2019

BSI, the business standards company, has been designated as a notified body1 by the Netherlands Government for the Construction Products Regulations. 

Following the RvA (Raad voor Accreditatie) accreditation achieved in December 2018, BSI is now able to conduct product conformity assessments out of its Netherlands notified body, assessing the compliance of products subject to the Construction Products Regulation.  Once these products have met the requirements, manufacturers can apply for the CE marking, so they can be sold in the European Union and the wider European Economic Area.   

Alongside its existing notified body designation with the UK Government, the Netherlands designation provides stability and continuity of market access in the event of disruption linked to the UK’s proposed exit from the European Union.

Howard Kerr, Chief Executive at BSI, said: “BSI already has an established presence in the Netherlands, providing product conformity assessment amongst a range of other services. To be designated as an EU notified body in the Netherlands for the Construction Products Regulations provides continuity of market access for our clients from within the UK and internationally.

“Today’s news will not divert our focus from our role as a UK notified body, but will rather benefit both operations and wider industry.”

BSI is also in the final stages of application to become a designated notified body to the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation, the Gas Appliance Regulation and the Pressure Equipment Directive.  We expect confirmation from the appropriate Netherlands government departments soon.

This marks BSI’s second notified body designation in the Netherlands in the last three months. In November 2018, the Dutch Ministry of Health and European Commission announced that BSI had been appointed as a Medical Devices notified body in the country for active implantable medical devices, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

BSI’s strategy is to continue and grow two EU product conformity notified bodies in the two geographies. There is a straightforward process, which is primarily administrative, to migrate existing client EC certificates to the new BSI Netherlands notified body.


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Notes to the editor:

1A notified body is an independent organization designated by an EU country to assess the conformity of certain products before being placed on the market. These bodies carry out tasks related to conformity assessment procedures set out in the applicable EU legislation, when a third party is required.