New international standard for geotechnical testing of grouted anchors

15 November 2018

BSI, the business standards company, has published a new international standard establishing specifications for the execution of tension tests to be carried out on an anchor grouted in the ground.

BS EN ISO 22477-5:2018 Geotechnical investigation and testing - Testing of geotechnical structures - Part 5 Testing of grouted anchors describes three test types for grouted anchors, and associated with these are three test methods:

  • Method 1 involves cyclic tension loading with measurement of displacement at the load stages
  • Method 2 involves cyclic tension loading with measurement of loss at the load stages
  • Method 3 involves step-loading with measurement of displacement under successive maintained tension loads.

Test methods 1, 2, and 3 should be used consistently for all test types, i.e. investigation, suitability and acceptance. Furthermore, the standard provides specifications for the experimental devices, the measurement apparatus, the test procedures, the definition and the presentation of the test results and the content of records.

Dr Devon Mothersille, ISO Convenor for BS EN ISO 22477-5:2018 and Technical Author for BS 8081:2015+A2:2018 said: “Grouted anchors are distinguished from other geotechnical engineering technologies by the fact that each installation must be subjected to testing before it starts its service life. The long awaited publication of BS EN ISO 22477-5 provides the UK and other countries with a platform for consistency of approach with respect to grouted anchor testing.”

Ant Burd, Head of Built Environment at BSI added: "BS EN ISO 22477-5 provides detailed guidance for obtaining parameters needed to design and construct grouted anchors. Such anchors can be used to provide support to retaining structures subject to horizontal load, basements subject to uplift, and many other geotechnical structures."

BSI has also revised BS 8081:2015+A2:2018 Code of practice for grouted anchors, a companion document to the new international standard outlined above. The revised British Standardgives recommendations for the design, construction, stressing, testing, monitoring and maintenance of grouted anchors.

Recommendations for corrosion hazards and protective measures, construction techniques and quality controls, stressing procedures, and the testing of grouted anchor components and complete installations are provided. 

Both BS EN ISO 22477-5:2018 and BS 8081:2015 +A2:2018 will be relevant to contractors and consultants engaged in ground anchor design, construction, testing, monitoring and maintenance. They will also be of interest to geotechnical, civil, and structural engineers, as well as manufacturers of specialist anchors. 

Further information on BS EN ISO 22477-5:2018 can be found here

Further information on BS 8081:2015 +A2:2018 can be found here


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