BSI seeks industry comment on new International Standard for Organizational Resilience

25 April 2016

The public consultation process for the international standard ISO 22316 Guidelines for organizational resilience is now open with UK comments requested by 13th June 2016. BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body, is leading the consultation process in the UK and interested parties can register their comments online at:

ISO 22316 is based upon BS 65000 Guidance for Organizational Resilience which provides an overview of resilience, describing the foundations required and explaining how to build resilience. It deals with an organization’s capacity to anticipate, respond and adapt – which could be crucial to its survival.

The benefits of resilience are clear and enable organizations to:

  • Adapt/improvise successfully to unforeseen and disruptive changing environments
  • Gain a competitive edge by identifying gaps and taking advantage of  opportunities
  • Be more agile and innovative by learning from trends
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency by avoiding potential pitfalls
  • Obtain a better understanding of risks and opportunities
  • Preserve and improve their reputation by being seen as vigilant and  robust
  • Engender trust amongst external clients and internally amongst staff
  • Cultivate a culture of shared purpose and values

The aim of the consultation process for ISO 22316 is to develop an international best practice standard for organizational resilience and establish clear guidance for anyone wishing to take a proactive approach to help ensure that their organization passes the test of time. The draft has been compiled by global representatives from organizations across all sectors that make up the committee.

ISO 22316 can help:

  • Clarify the nature and scope of resilience
  • Identify the key components of resilience to enable an organization to review its resilience
  • Implement and measure improvements
  • Identify and recommend good practice already defined in existing standards and disciplines

Scott Steedman, Director of Standards at BSI, said: “Organizations that are resilient understand their behaviour can create long term success. They take a proactive approach to governing themselves and have noted the importance of being prepared. This strategy applies across a wide range of disciplines such as asset management, business continuity, cyber security, environmental management and facilities management, to name a few. We are very pleased  that ISO 22316 will continue the work started by BS 65000, and help deliver benefits to businesses of all sizes and sectors around the world.”

The final standard is expected in 2017 subject to the feedback submitted during the consultation phase.