BSI SCREEN Intelligence Alert: Supply Chain Impact of 2014 Ebola Outbreak

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -Oct. 27, 2014 -The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest such epidemic in recorded history, with over 4,500 deaths attributed to the infection so far. In addition to the human toll, the current outbreak is having substantial negative impacts on supply chains within both affected and non-affected countries. As the spread of the current outbreak widens, governments and private industry are implementing plans aimed at containing the advance of the virus, which in turn are likely to impact supply chains across the globe.

As a by-product of measures taken by governments and the private sector, some industries are beginning to see their supply chains and operations in the region disrupted. Air traffic originating in or destined for West African states have been most significantly affected. International and regional carriers from various countries have chosen to suspend flights until the public health crisis is brought under control, subsequently affecting air cargo shipments to the region. In addition to air transport, several nations, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Panama, and the United States, are implementing new security measures for cargo vessels arriving from affected nations. While these measures range in severity, they underscore a trend in which nations are laying increased scrutiny on links in supply chains that have crossed through Ebola-affected countries.

These heightened concerns over the spread of the Ebola virus will be particularly punishing for companies that do not properly secure their supply chains. Stowaways from the region are likely to cause the most severe disruptions if discovered, and entire vessels can expect to be delayed for days or weeks until health officials determine that a given stowaway and/or cargo vessel pose no health threat. If the governments of the affected nations fail to slow the rate of transmission, more drastic measures will likely be taken to quarantine the virus, thereby increasing the likelihood and severity of disruptions to the supply chain.

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