BSI Standards Awards recognizes outstanding committee members

21 November 2014  

BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body has officially recognized the outstanding contributions of its many committee members though the BSI Standards Awards. The exceptional contributions to standards making from the national and international arena includes committee members, chairmen, and those who have made a significant impact within a short time of being appointed.

Scott Steedman, Director of Standards at BSI and internal sponsor of the awards said: “The first awards to be made under the new BSI Awards scheme are aimed at recognizing the outstanding work of our 10,000 committee members and committee chairmen. We were delighted with the large number of nominations received, reflecting the great breadth and value of the work BSI’s standards committees have done over many decades to support the UK economy and public interest. The most prestigious of the awards presented was the new Wolfe Barry Medal, named after Sir John Wolfe Barry, who promoted the foundation of BSI in 1901 as the world’s first National Standards Body.”

A total of ten awards were presented across four categories at the Radisson Blu Hotel in London yesterday. The award recipients were as follows:

  • Wolfe Barry Medalfor an individual BSI committee member who has made an outstanding contribution to standards making

Professor Edward (Ted) Humphreys – Professor Humphreys is known worldwide for his standardization work on information security management.

  • Leadership Awardfor an individual committee chairman who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in chairing a BSI committee

Barrie Reynolds – recently stepped down as chairman of BSI’s GEL/65/1 committee, which covers the generic aspects of systems used in industrial process measurement and control, after performing the role almost fifteen years.

Mike Roberts – chairman of BSI’s TS/1 committee on Terminology since 2001.

Paul Galbraith – chairman of JPEL/64, the Joint Committee on the Electrical Installation of Buildings, responsible for the national electrical safety standards – the IET Wiring Regulations.

  • International Standards Makerfor an individual member of a BSI committee who has made a significant contribution to the development of international or European standards

Brian Newell – a member of BSI’s B/539 committee on ceramic tiles and other rigid tiling since the early 1980’s.

Ian G Jones – became chairman of BSI’s MHE/4 committee on lift standards in 1998.

Mike Hagger – a member of most of BSI’s key cable and cable related committees over many years.

Professor Haig Gulvanessian CBE – has been involved in the development of national and international codes and standards in Civil and Structural Engineering since 1980, helping to shape national and international practice, particularly in connection with the development and implementation of the Structural Eurocodes.

  • Emerging Standards Maker for an individual committee member who has made a significant contribution to standards making within the first three years of their membership of a BSI committee

Dr Alessandro Artusi – a member of BSI’s IST/37 committee, concerned with the coding of picture, audio, multimedia and hypermedia information.

Kit Oung – Project Leader for the standards development project, ISO 50002, 'Energy audits - Requirements with guidance for use', published in July of this year.

BSI welcomes the invaluable contribution that its committees currently make towards the standards making process. To be part of the process that helps shape the future of standards new committee members can get involved by clicking on the following link: