Surface water flood risk standard published

BSI, the business standards company has developed BS 8582 Surface water flood risk management to help protect new developments, and redevelopment sites. Adverse weather conditions can spell trouble for businesses, and homeowners alike, however the sector acknowledges that there is a lack of consistent guidance on of surface water management systems. Dealing with this pre-emptively by adopting guidance that can help minimize the risks caused by surface water flooding, is a key measure.

Previously there was no consistent document for developers and local authorities to follow. This has led to a growing demand for consistent, clear industry guidance that developers can refer to when preparing a planning application, and designing a safe and sustainable surface water management system. Anybody who is involved in the drainage approval processes and long term operation and maintenance will have an interest in this document, as well as water companies, and industry practitioners such as consultants and architects.

Anthony Burd Head of Market Development for Construction at BSI said: “Having a structured approach to flood risk management not only benefits the developers at the front line of a development project by offering improved efficiency, it can also help secure considerable societal and environmental advantages too. Instead of falling onto development sites and causing damage, the surface water run-off for example, can add to local water resources and supplies.” 

Some of the key organizations involved in the development of the standard include Association of British Insurers, Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management, Department for Climate Change, Environment Agency, Institution of Civil Engineers and Water UK.

Karen Dingley Chair of the flood risk and watercourses committee at BSI said: “Increasing emphasis is being placed on the importance of establishing a robust understanding of the risks that surface water flooding may pose to property and life, seeking to reduce (and, where possible, avoid) these risks through the planning and design process.  BS 8582 has been prepared to provide regulators, local authorities, developers and consultants with clear guidance as to how to assess the risk of surface water flooding, and how to mitigate this risk throughout the lifetime of the development.”

What does BS 8582 do?

  • It makes recommendations on sustainable planning, design, construction and maintenance of surface water management systems for new developments and redevelopment sites 
  • It features measures to minimize flooding and environmental risks and to maximize the societal and environmental benefits
  • BS 8582 can do this for all UK territories despite the different approaches that are taken to manage flood risk in these areas

Some key benefits

  • Embeds key stakeholders into planning, feasibility and detailed design stages
  • Sets effective criteria for surface water management system
  • Recommends protocols for the construction and maintenance of surface water management systems