BSI’s Global Intelligence Team Reports Supply Chain Trade Interruption Exceeded $300 Billion in 2013

Press release - HERNDON, VA - April 24, 2014 

Threats to supply chain security are constantly evolving, and BSI recorded a number of important changes to the threat landscape facing supply chains around the world in 2013. With a few notable exceptions, the countries BSI rated High or Severe for cargo theft continued to see significant losses and violent cargo theft incidents, specifically in Italy, Mexico, Russia, and South Africa. BSI also noted a number of important shifts in the tactics used to smuggle illegal drugs and other contraband via introduction into cargo shipments, as well as several entirely new global trafficking flows. Trade interruption incidents such as strikes, protests, and adverse weather events significantly impacted regional and global trade in 2013 and exceeded a quarter trillion dollars globally.  Supply chain terrorism continued to plague a number of countries, particularly Colombia, India, the Philippines, and several nations in Africa and the Middle East.