BSI Group Japan certified Nihon Chushashin Kogyo to ISO 22301

Press release - 11 April 2013

Following a stringent assessment by BSI Japan, Nihon Chushashin Kogyo Co., Ltd. has achieved certification to the internationally recognized Business Continuity Management Systems Standard, ISO 22301, on 4 March 2013.

Nihon Chushashin Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of medical and veterinary cannulae (needle components for medical use). Almost all its clients are located outside Japan, supplying products all over the world including major manufacturers of medical devices in Europe and North America.

ISO 22301 provides organizations with a framework to protect against unexpected disruptions which may affect its ability to operate.  These can include natural disasters, severe weather, epidemics or unstable political, social or economic situations.

Nihon Chushashin Kogyo has achieved certification for its business continuity management system based on the ISO 22301 standard, covering its manufacture and sale of stainless steel cannulae for medical device components, needles, cut tubes and stylets. This will be highly instrumental in helping to strengthen its brand potential and reputation, managing security risks, and ensuring the trust of its stakeholders.

By obtaining ISO 22301 certification from BSI Japan, Nihon Chushashin Kogyo can confidently promote worldwide that it has procedures in place to ensure that key products and services can be effectively restored should disaster strike.  This is due to BSI being accredited for ISO 22301 by two accreditation bodies:

Reason Nihon Chushashin Kogyo obtained ISO 22301 certification

Although two years have passed since the earthquake and tsunami disasters in northeastern Japan, their effects remain deep, recovery is still far from complete, and many people and enterprises remain in serious difficulties. After those events, many other natural disasters occurred in different parts of the world, such as floods in Bangkok, Thailand, and these all rapidly increased the urgency for continuity in international supply chains. This indicates the vital social role our company, too, must play as a manufacturer and supplier of medical device components. Recognizing our great responsibility to maintain business continuity, we decided to obtain the above-mentioned ISO standard certification.

Advantages Nihon Chushashin Kogyo achieved through this ISO certification

We believe our certification is an extremely useful benchmark indicating to all our stakeholders — including our customers who have bases of operation in Japan and abroad, companies with whom we have collaborative ties, our suppliers, our shareholders and our employees — how effective we are in facing risks while promoting our business in Japan, a nation prone to disaster.

Nihon Chushashin Kogyo’s application of the ISO 22301 standard in the future

We intend to keep improving our business continuity management systems, providing a sense of security to all our stakeholders as we prepare and maintain clearly defined, rapid-response recovery plans that can be executed after any type of disaster. Through efforts such as these, our company will continue contributing to societal security.

ISO 22301 Certification Ceremony at Nihon Chushashin Kogyo Co., Ltd on March 15th, 2013

ISO 22301 Certification Ceremony at Nihon Chushashin Kogyo Co., Ltd on March 15th, 2013