Britain’s Most Admired Companies’ exclusive sponsor

Press release - 19th September 2012

BSI, the business standards company, today announces an exclusive two-year partnership with Management Today in support of its flagship awards programme, Britain’s Most Admired Companies (BMAC).

BMAC is an annual peer review of the reputations of over 200 companies across the UK, underpinned by academic research conducted by Professor D Michael Brown of Birmingham University Business School. Now in its 22nd year, the awards programme is among the most respected in the business community, celebrating the successes of those companies recognised to be Britain’s best.

As an organization reputed for helping businesses embed excellence into the way people and products work, BSI is a natural partner for the BMAC awards. Its commitment to improving performance, reducing risk and helping businesses grow sustainably aligns closely with the nine criteria against which the BMAC companies are assessed, making BSI a very relevant sponsor for a programme focused on understanding what it takes to be excellent in business.

Inaugural BSI Award for Continual Excellence

To recognise this partnership between BSI and Management Today, 2012 will see the launch of the inaugural BSI Award for Continual Excellence, identifying the business whose relentless commitment to driving excellence has seen it regularly feature among Britain’s Most Admired Companies over the last 10 years.

Speaking about the awards, BSI’s Chief Executive, Howard Kerr, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Management Today for the BMAC programmes. BSI’s role is to help organisations across the globe embed excellence, so it’s fitting to be celebrating those companies that are considered by their peers to be among the very best in the business.

“Excellence however only adds long term value to the bottom line when it becomes a habit throughout an organisation, from the boardroom to the switchboard. We are therefore pleased to announce the inaugural BSI Award for Continual Excellence in this year’s programme and are looking forward to acknowledging companies that have excellence sitting at the very heart of their organizations.”

Matthew Gwyther, Editor, Management Today added, “Most Admired is a true peer poll of those that matter. That means that in winning a BMAC award companies have gained the respect of their severest critics – the competition. Competitors may be harsh judges but they are also the people most aware of rival’s strengths and weaknesses. If one firm can dominate the thoughts of its peers it must be doing something right.

“BSI will prove to be an excellent partner for the 2012 Awards, understanding what it takes to achieve great results in today’s business climate, while recognising longer term benefits of businesses doing this sustainably. This year’s inaugural BSI Award for Continual Excellence will showcase great companies demonstrating sound management, innovation and success in the long term. Companies that continually keep their competitors on their toes.”

The partnership, which includes a co-hosted awards dinner at Claridge’s in December 2012 and a sponsored roundtable event in February 2013, commences on 17 September 2012.