BSI Notes Market Acceptance of Supply Chain Security Intelligence Tool – SCREEN: Success in High-Tech, Retail and Transportation sectors

Press release - Reston VA - April 25, 2012 

Just one year ago, BSI America Professional Services Inc. (BSI) introduced Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN), a web-based intelligence tool for supply chain security. Since then, SCREEN has been adopted by leading enterprises in the high tech, retail and transportation sectors.

A key SCREEN client was additionally selected as a top tier performer in supply chain management, according to the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. The 2011 Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 were selected based on a combination of a financial component and an opinion component, using publicly available company financial statements. For 2012, according to Noha Tohamy, Research VP, Gartner Supply Chain Group: “supplier risk will continue to be a major focus, and companies will look to technology for a scalable risk assessment and management solution."( Predicts 2012: Supply Chain Predictions: Talent, Risk and Analytics Dominate; November 2011).

SCREEN supports the creation and management of global risk-based supply chain security programs. SCREEN presents unique, proprietary risk data and BSI-generated analysis related to global supply chain security risk exposure and provides trade and compliance information for over 200 countries. BSI’s threat analysis and security countermeasure recommendations in areas such as in-transit security, supplier minimum-security criteria, and cargo chain-of-custody controls helps SCREEN users to identify and understand supply chain security threats and aids in developing tailored approaches to improve business continuity and compliance.

 “2011 was a very dynamic year in Supply Chain Security, as witnessed by the demand for SCREEN,” said Dan Purtell, Sr. Vice President - BSI, Supply Chain Security Solutions. “Last year (2011) saw significant shifts in the Middle East, as well as a heightening of concern in major nations, particularly the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China, and in the nation of Turkey. Our clients rely on SCREEN for the most complete, publically available supply chain security intelligence data and analysis.” 

Since the introduction of SCREEN, BSI supply chain risk analysts have captured, processed, and analyzed over 3,000 events. The magnitude and range of these events are reflected in BSI Global Cargo Theft loss forecast, which grew from $19.4B in 2010 to an expected $23.2B in 2012. SCREEN also noted that supply chain terrorism expanded from 32 to 37 countries in 2011, and the frequency of attacks remained steady at about one attack every four days.

The U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program recommends a five-step risk assessment process for which U.S. Customs and Border Patrol lists over two dozen intelligence sources that participants may use as the basis for incorporating risk into supplier assessments- but SCREEN, as a single source, can easily replace these multiple sources.  Using the same technology and intelligence protocols that U.S. government bureaus currently employ, SCREEN is also an ideal supply chain intelligence tool for customs administrations; agencies involved in border security, intelligence, and licensing; and government offices involved in regulating trade. 

BSI’s Supply Chain Solutions group is a leading global provider of supply chain risk and compliance based solutions, supply chain intelligence, assessments, and training programs geared toward mitigating global supplier and supply chain exposures. BSI’s Supply Chain security experts work at the forefront partnering with industry and government on innovative supply chain security solutions and intelligence tools designed for cargo inspection targeting. Helping companies achieve and maintain compliance, with a special focus on the C-TPAT 5-step Risk Assessment, is a key focus of BSI’s Supply Chain Solutions. The combination of our tools and BSI’s field-based, global network of supply chain security assessment professionals provides our clients with expert supplier vetting and risk assessment.