BSI celebrates winners of Britain’s Most Admired Companies for 2012

Press release - 4th December 2012

Rolls-Royce and Diageo are the big winners of Britain's Most Admired Companies (BMAC) awards in association with BSI. The winners will be formally recognized at an awards ceremony in central London tomorrow night.

Dozens of the UK’s most senior executives representing leading British brands including HSBC, Vodafone, BSkyB, John Lewis and William Hill, will be coming together to celebrate the accomplishments of British business at Management Today’s annual peer review of the reputations of over 200 companies across the UK.

The awards dinner will be hosted by Lord Heseltine, the former Conservative MP, and Matthew Gwyther, Editor of Management Today. BSI Chief Executive Howard Kerr will also be giving a key-note speech to welcome those honoured by the awards and celebrate BSI’s inaugural year of sponsorship.

Diageo, the multinational alcoholic beverages company, will collect the top award, Britain’s Most Admired Company of 2012, for its sure-footed approach to international expansion despite the tumultuous economic climate.

British engineering company, Rolls-Royce will collect the inaugural BSI Award for Continual Excellence. The award takes a retrospective look at previous accomplishments and acknowledges the strides that one particular business has made in improving its position in the rankings through sheer commitment to excellence over the past five years.


Accordingly Rolls-Royce was bestowed the award for its rigorous approach to continued excellence, which has manifested in its peerless customer service, unrivalled products and exemplary industry leadership, particularly through tough economic times.

Excellence sits at the very heart of what BSI does, taking clients on a journey to help them understand the very essence of their organizations. The vehicle BSI uses for this is standards, frameworks of trusted knowledge generated by committees of industry experts that are essential to market competitiveness and driving performance and managing risk within organizations.

Howard Kerr, Chief Executive of BSI

Commenting on the BSI award for Continual Excellence Howard Kerr, Chief Executive of BSI, said: “Only the most nimble and robust businesses have thrived during the unprecedented economic turmoil of the last five years. Businesses that have not only survived but excelled have been those most responsive to the changing market conditions; agile enough to swiftly evolve and bold enough to take measured risks.

“Organizations consistently recognized by their peers as market leaders have demonstrated the need for continual improvement and have consistently challenged organizational complacency in their pursuit of success. All of the winners of Britain’s Most Admired Companies reflect this.

“Indeed the winner of the BSI Award for Continual Excellence, Rolls-Royce, has demonstrated just that – they are synonymous with quality and renowned for their sustained commitment to excellence. Demonstrating continual excellence year after year is particularly challenging, especially as businesses now have to adapt much quicker to change.

“British Standards have played an important role in helping many organizations that reach the summit of business performance. We are extremely proud to have supported 36 of the 52 shortlisted BMAC companies and we look forward to continue our working relationships in their pursuit of continual excellence.”

A Rolls-Royce spokesperson said: “We are very pleased to be honoured with this prestigious award, which recognizes our long term commitment to excellence. We take our reputation very seriously and consistently strive to ensure that we deliver quality in all that we do.”