BSI releases Green Deal standard for industry review

Press release - 03 October 2011

The British Standards Institution (BSI), working with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), has released the draft Green Deal standard for the installation of energy efficiency measures to comply with the UK Government’s Green Deal initiative and is asking industry to get involved and share their feedback before it is finalised. Installation experts and other interested parties in the Green Deal can register their comments online at

The new specification, known technically as PAS 2030, sets out requirements that installers will follow to ensure the installation of new energy efficiency measures is completed properly. The PAS addresses issues such as installation controls, equipment, inspections, handover and corrective action procedures. The standard was developed by an expert working group bringing together the views of government, trade associations from the construction, building, energy and manufacturing sectors, business and consumers.

As part of the British Government’s Green Deal initiative, all installers will have to be certified to PAS 2030. Therefore, this is the industry’s opportunity to get involved in the development of the specification, ensuring that it reflects their needs and provides best practice guidance for all installers.

Ann Francke, Managing Director for Global Customer & Product Strategy at BSI, said: “The Green Deal is vital in helping the UK meet its climate change commitments. By producing a robust framework for monitoring the delivery aspects of the Government’s Green Deal initiative, BSI can help ensure the equipment, installations and operation is done correctly. This is vital to underpinning the fundamental promise behind the Green Deal which we believe is win-win for all installers, green deal providers and their customers. This standard developed by BSI will play a key role in supporting the Green Deal by protecting UK homes and the people who live in them.”

“The working group has delivered an outstanding draft standard and now it is the opportunity for industry to get involved with addressing the issue of installing energy efficiency measures.”

The period for industry feedback on PAS 2030 will end on Monday October 24th 2011 and it is hoped that a broad selection of industry stakeholders will read and comment on the draft. The comments will be reviewed by a representative steering group in November 2011 and it is expected the full PAS will be published by the end of January 2012.