BSI British Standards sets sustainable challenge for UK schools

Press release - 12 March 2008

Whether it’s a school fete, a jumble sale or a sponsored walk – small events can have a big impact on the environment and society. BSI British Standards is inviting schools to GetGreenGo and create events which leave people with positive memories - not permanent scars on their surroundings. 

BS 8901:2007 Specification for a sustainable event management system with guidance for use is a new standard from BSI British Standards which provides events organizers with a framework within which to develop a system for managing the overall environmental, social and economic impact of an event. Potential results include saving through reduction of waste, lower energy use and re-use of equipment and infrastructure.

GetGreenGo is a chance for schools to apply the principles of BS 8901 to an existing event such as a sports day, parents’ evening or school concert. This means making small changes to the sustainable nature of the event, such as sourcing local food and drink and encouraging visitors to use public transport or share cars to travel to the event. GetGreenGo is easily integrated into the schools curriculum in the UK, with guidance and hints available for teachers to download now.

BS 8901 was successfully trialled by Live Nation (Live Earth), Manchester International Festival and Lord’s Cricket Ground and has been greeted enthusiastically by the UK events industry.

Mike Low, Director of BSI British Standards, said, “GetGreenGo is a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn how to manage a sustainable event. The challenge will enable them to look at the impacts of their event holistically, balancing social, economic and environmental issues.”

The competition is open to schools with students aged 7-19 year olds. The winning schools stand to win prizes of up to £1,500.

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