200th BSI Kitemark® Awarded to two Bodyshops

Press release: 10th December 2008

Mill Lane Accident Repair Group in Aldershot and D Walton Ltd based in Manchester both recently celebrated being the 200th bodyshops to gain the prestigious Thatcham BSI Kitemark PAS 125.

The scheme is a result of a unique collaboration between BSI and Thatcham, the motor insurance repair research centre and repairers. Complexities involved in crash repair and changing manufacturing practices put pressure on vehicle body repair companies - the Thatcham BSI Kitemark scheme aims to help.

Earning the Thatcham BSI Kitemark

To earn the Thatcham BSI Kitemark the vehicle body repair companies must prove that they conform to tough new standards. These include skills, repair methods, equipment and materials. All these elements are assessed by independent BSI inspectors and must meet stringent benchmarks in order to achieve the valuable Kitemark status.

Derrick Walton, director of D Walton Ltd said: ”We worked hard for this but it has been well worth the commitment, time and money. There is no doubt having the Kitemark is giving the company an advantage in terms of our growing reputation. In addition having both manufacturer approval and the Kitemark has opened more doors to business which we were currently excluded from.”

Tony Rimmel director of Mill Lane Accident Repair Group echoed Derrick’s comments and added: ”We are already seeing benefits from having the Kitemark including qualifying for the approval of repairing vehicles for the Hampshire Police Constabulary.”

Jason Moseley, Thatcham’s chief operating officer, added: “This is a real milestone in the development of Kitemark as a quality mark for the accident repairers. I congratulate both Tony and Derrick and their team for their commitment to safe crash repairs throughout their bodyshops.

Scott Hanney, sales manager for BSI Product Services commented: “We are impressed with the dedication shown by both bodyshops in achieving the Kitemark and we truly believe that it will benefit their bodyshops and their customers. It will surely be an example to the rest of the industry that the Kitemark scheme is the one standard that will deliver first class, safe repairs for the vehicles of today and in the future.”