Information management and law ISEB courses


10 April 2007

ISEB qualifications measure an individual’s competence, ability and performance, helping career development. These industry-recognized qualifications also help to raise industry standards and provide a competitive edge for employers.

BSI is pleased to offer the following courses:

Certificate in Data Protection
The ISEB Certificate in Data Protection is the ideal qualification for you if you have data protection responsibilities within your organization, company or group.
12-13 April & 19-20 April, Exam 27 April
4-5 October & 11-12 October, Exam 19 October

Certificate in Freedom of Information
The ISEB Certificate in Freedom of Information is appropriate for those experienced in Freedom of Information and those new to the subject.
3-5 October & 9-12 October, Exam 19 October

Certificate in IT Law
The ISEB Foundation Certificate in IT Law is designed to give you a qualification that demonstrates your general understanding of the all the areas of Information Technology Law.
22-25 May, 20-23 November

Other ISEB courses available include:

Certificate in Software Asset Management Essentials
21-23 May, 2-4 July, 24-26 September, 26-28 November

Certificate in Information Security Management Principles
23-27 April, 18-12 June, 17-21 September, 12-16 November

Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management
16-20 April, 25-29 June, 10-14 September, 19-23 November

IT Service Management Change Management Practitioner Course
16-18 April, 16-18 July, 9-11 October

ITIL Foundation Course in Service Management
17-19 April, 15-17 May, 19-21 June, 17-19 July, 18-20 September, 16-18 October, 13-15 November, 4-6 December

ITIL Service Management Service Level Practitioner Course
29-31 May, 27-29 November

ITIL Service Desk and Incident Practitioner Course
9-11 May, 5-7 November

ITIL Service Management Managers' Program
Wk 1: 4-8 June, Wk 2: 2-6 July, Revision: 20 July
Wk 1: 3-7 September, Wk 2: 1-5 October, Revision: 19 October