The Route Map to Business Continuity Management


16 November 2007

There are many factors that can cause disruption to your business ranging from relatively common occurrences such as staff sickness and loss of technology, to major disturbances such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Any one of these incidents could cause a failure to deliver products and services to the usual standard or, in extreme cases, a failure to deliver at all. By adopting business continuity management (BCM), organizations will be better equipped to meet the challenges they face when a disruption occurs.
BSI British Standards has published The Route Map to Business Continuity Management: Meeting the requirements of BS 25999 for managers who have decided to introduce BCM into their organization and all those interested in reducing business risk. This book offers practical advice on implementing BS 25999 and will enable organizations, no matter what their size or sector, to meet the requirements of the standard and to prepare themselves for certification.

Written by John Sharp, an Honorary Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute and recognized worldwide for his outstanding contribution to the industry, this is a critical guide to business continuity management for all businesses.