New BSI Standard leads the way in well-engineered web pages


4 July 2006

To prevent the user-frustration and Web application failure caused by poorly managed Web pages the British Standards Institution (BSI) has published a new software engineering standard for those who design, implement and manage Web pages - BS ISO/IEC 23026 Software engineering. Recommended practice for the Internet. Web site engineering, web site management, and web site life cycle provides guidance for designing and implementing well-engineered Web pages for use in managed Web sites.

The new international standard has been developed to improve the productivity of managed Web operations in terms of:

  • locating relevant information
  • facilitating ease of use
  • reducing legal liabilities
  • providing for efficient development and maintenance practices.

Contents include:

  • scope, purpose, conformance
  • references
  • definitions, terminology, abbreviations and acronyms
  • design practices
  • server, HTTP and site considerations
  • header information
  • body information.

Who should use this standard?

The objective is to improve the productivity of Web operations in terms of locating relevant information, and efficient development and maintenance practices. This standard provides guidance for anyone involved in designing and developing Web pages, and for managers responsible for establishing guidelines for Web site development.