Delivering and Managing Real World Network Security


31 October 2006

Information systems are an integral part of any organization and are increasingly being networked both internally and externally to enable instant communication with colleagues and customers using publicly available network technology.

However, the benefits of using network technology also comes with an increased security risk, as this kind of working environment can leave businesses open to dangers from both malicious and accidental sources. To help organizations safeguard and make secure their IT networks, the British Standards Institution (BSI) has published a new book which addresses such issues.

Delivering and Managing Real World Network Security gives an overview of the guidance given in the five parts of BS ISO/IEC 18028, but also goes deeper into ‘real world’ issues that are of concern to today’s organizations and communities. It looks at how to identify network security risks and the related technical aspects and security controls, and explains how to ensure that correct network technical security architecture is put in place.

Who should use this book?

This book will be of use to managers and personnel who are responsible for any aspect of networking systems.