Improved Practice For The Legal Admissibility Of Information Stored Electronically


31 March 2004

BSI Group has recently revised the code of practice for legal admissibility and evidential weight of information stored electronically (BIP 0008:2004). This publication provides essential guidance on how to ensure that electronically stored information is acceptable in court.

With high levels of electronic management systems being implemented, awareness of the evidential weight of electronic documents is crucial should a dispute arise. This code provides essential guidance on the requirements for electronically stored information. Compliance could have a major impact on information being accepted in a court of law.

Giles Grant, managing director of BSI Business Information, states: "The widespread use of electronic information has been a huge asset for businesses. However, there is still widespread uncertainty of the legal requirements relating to how this information should be stored. This revised code of practice helps organisations understand the legal admissibility of electronically stored information and implement best practice so that, if needed, information can have the greatest possible evidential weight."

The document provides good practice guidance on the electronic creation, storage and retrieval of information. It provides an up-to-date framework and guidelines including duty of care, audits trails and records management. The revisions include more practical advice and real life case studies.

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